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Welcome to the Alcohol control protocol !

Introducing the ACP: 

The Alcohol control protocol

A 7 video step by step masterclass 
Your own customised protocol download
Have your own bespoke protocol in under 30 mins
all free - no catch - as good as it sounds!

Are you fed up of always drinking more than you planned to?

UNDERSTAND The 4 steps to moderation

  1. Intention setting

  2. Defining Non-negotiables

  3. Committing the rules into Law!

  4. Defining Fixed Penalties

Are you smart, driven and in control in most areas of your life but for some reason alcohol is a strange exception?
You’ll learn the science behind this bizarre little mystery and why it is NOT YOUR FAULT!

Have you tried to stop or cut back in the past but have been unable to do it without feeling deprived and miserable? (So you say screw this... and just go back to it?) Welcome to the club. We’ll explore where these feelings come from, why our culture has set us up to fail, and what exactly we can do about it!

Do you find yourself drinking out of habit, or out of boredom...? And then regret it later? Ahhh habits... they rewire our brains, and can make life easy or oh-so-difficult. The good news, when we use the science to our advantage they become one of our most powerful change tools.

Do you want to drink less, so you set limits but then something stressful happens and suddenly you are back in to your old routines, and somehow you even end up drinking more than before you set the limits?

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Learn the mindset for control

  • Dopamine doesn't fight fair

  • Beliefs change behaviour

  • Wisdom from the Dali Lama

  • Seeing the big picture, changes things 

Learn from a TNM certified coach


This Naked Mind brings a new paradigm to change - Resisting desires with willpower is miserable and unsustainable. By focusing on science, we change beliefs and desires first and the behaviour takes care of itself. When it comes to controlling alcohol, if focus on what's most important to us, our values and the things we're no longer willing to risk for the sake of a few extra drinks - then controlled moderation naturally becomes the behaviour we most desire - as it gives us what we want most..    

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