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Are you ready To make alcohol feel unimportant? 

Clean Life Coaching can help.

Clean Life Coaching helps you make lasting change, without the need for willpower. We all want to make healthier, Cleaner Life choices and get frustrated when we don't. So what's going on? As long as your subconscious, survival brain, believes that drinking is more desirable, than not drinking, it will be very difficult to resist - not doing something we desire is hard.  Even a conscious, science based, strong willed decision to limit or stop our drinking behaviour, will require willpower to overcome our subconscious, if we still perceive drinking, as more fun, easier, or more rewarding. Willpower is like a muscle that can be strong for a while but will fatigue and fail over time. Through Clean Life Coaching - The Intensive (see below for details), you will learn that by questioning our subconscious beliefs and urges, we bring them into the conscious mind where science and logic can be used to change them - so that we no longer see alcohol as desirable. You will learn the science to debunk the alcohol illusion and how to deprogram the brainwashing society and our observations have taught us about its benefits. When we stop seeing alcohol as a reward, changing the way we drink becomes easy.

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The Intensive 

1 to 1 coaching using the hugely successful TNM Intensive  programme

What you get

  • 9 week training programme

  • 54 training videos (more than 6hrs in total)

  • 60 min weekly 1 to 1 LIVE! coaching (online)

  • Daily support via e-mail and messaging app 

Week 1

Becoming Aware 

To start, we go through an eye opening process to become aware of our current belief structure around alcohol - without judgment! All change happens on the other side of awareness!

Week 3

Reframing Our Perspective

So if what we’ve been told is wrong, and even holding us back, how do we get it right? This week is all about a massive reframe. 


We cover the very foundations of painless habit change as well as how incredibly our culture is starting to shift around alcohol. (Hint: being alcohol free may truly be the next “in thing”). 

Week 5

Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance 

Big words that will change your entire life. Why do we both want to drink more and less at the same time? Why is the internet chock-full of memes that glorify drinking? 


We’ll learn how exactly advertising works in the brain and find out the real reasons companies spend so much on marketing and advertising and some of the sneaky tricks they’re using to make sure you stay stuck! Plus, how you can easily counteract this messaging - and become immune! 

Week 7

Neuroscience, Genetics & Personality

This is the week where everything suddenly becomes clear. The crazy behaviors we don’t understand, why we try to change and are unable to, the entire idea of an addictive personality. 


We’ll learn the truth about alcohol and the brain, why it can easily become such a significant part of our lives and why you are not an alcoholic. 

Week 9

Launching Into Your New Clean Life

What does it really mean to be able to ‘take it or leave it’ and what exactly does it take to get there? Is moderation possible? Should I try? How can I know if I am someone who can moderate? What happens if I mess up? What if I am not yet ready? 


We’ll address these vital topics, plus so much more, as you map out your customized and incredible path to take back control. 

Week 2

Why We Think We Like To Drink 

We explore the crazy theories society has given us about why we might be drinking more than we want to, and whose fault it is anyway. (Hint: if you’ve believed you are at fault - you don’t want to miss this week! It will free you from a lifetime of guilt around your drinking choices.) 

Week 4

You. And Your Body. Whole, Strong and Complete 

Just about every product (and every commercial) is aimed to tell us that we are missing something. That we are somehow incomplete. And if we just buy ‘that thing’, then we will be whole. 


This week we get to the bottom of that insanity and instead develop a real, lasting perspective of how incredible each of us truly is. 

Week 6

Alcohol & Our Emotions 

We can’t fix this until we understand the deep needs that alcohol seems to fill. We explore the intense relationships between alcohol and the top emotions we associate with drinking: fun, happiness, stress-relief, friendship, intimacy, and relaxation. 


We’ll explore what’s true and what may not be true. And I’ll never tell you what to think, I simply provide the evidence and you draw your own conclusions. This may be our most transformational week together. 

Week 8

Alcohol & Social Life, Sex & Our Culture

Alcohol is the only drug on earth you have to justify not taking. Why is this? What does it mean for someone hoping to change their relationship with alcohol? Will society ever change? 


Why is it that the minority always knows something the majority doesn’t - and what exactly that is and how to use it to your advantage to get the life you want without being controlled by alcohol. We cover all this and so much more in this exciting and empowering week. 

So many failed attempts at being AF (alcohol-free) until I found this!! I went to a party last night and most everyone was drinking but I focused on the food, the conversations, the dancing and had a GREAT time. AND I remember the whole night. Haven’t done that in ages. I feel stronger than I ever have. Thank you!!”

B.C., Boston

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