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Welcome to Clean Life Coaching

Coaching for a Cleaner Life

Control Alcohol, Live Clean - without willpower!

Clean Life questions

  • Why do I always drink more than I plan to? - why can't I just drink slowly and  only have 1 or 2  like other people?

  • In the cold light of day, my resolve is so strong - how come, by 5pm, its all but disappeared? 

  • These days I drink to de-stress or for 'Dutch Courage' or just because its 5pm - how do I get back to occasional social drinking, just for fun - like it used to be?

  • I have so much going for me - family, friends, career - how do I make sure my drinking doesn't f**k things up?

  • Won't networking events and social occasions be a nightmare without drinking? What will people think and say? 

  • Is there an alternative to AA?  AA feels like the end of the line, is there a way to slow the train or get off before then? 

Clean Life truths

  • You're not the problem - alcohol (the addictive drug) is the problem​!

  • You're not alone, you're not weak willed, you're not stupid and you can change!

  • It's not about giving up drinking or drinking responsibly - its about finding freedom!

  • 90% of people who have used the same This Naked Mind methodology that Clean Life Coaching uses, have decreased the frequency of their drinking and the majority are no longer drinking at all!

Clean Life Choices

Would you like to make cleaner healthier life choices, without the need for willpower? Less alcohol, less nicotine, less sugar, less fast food, less social media? Then all you need to do, is convince your survival brain that its the right thing to do. OK?....Not the answer you were expecting?  

Let me explain. In our logical, higher, human brain, we already want to be living our best, clean and healthy lives. However the minute we have those wonderful thoughts, the lower, survival brain starts to question if it won't be too hard, too dangerous or too boring and it often goes so far as to insist that some of the 'guilty pleasures' we wish to address, are in fact necessary for our survival! (thanks a lot dopamine!)

Trying to implement lasting change without first convincing the survival brain, is a battle lost before it begins. Urges, cravings and excuses are all amplified instead of being pacified. This is Cognitive Dissonance - we really want to change something but we also have 'good' reasons not to.

The good news is that the survival brain is only doing its job of protecting us from pain, hardship and missing out on pleasure. So, if we can address its fears one by one and reassure it with facts, that the changes we are suggesting are actually going to increase our chances of surival - then we can finish overdrinking, get fit, eat clean and stop any other 'guilty pleasures' like smoking, vaping and endless social media scrolling - without the internal struggle and so without the need for willpower!

With the logical and survival brains on one team, lasting change is willpower free and feels fantastic!

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Clean life coach

Hi! My name is Barry - A British Expat of Irish descent - living in Leiden, The Netherlands

I spent 10+ years struggling to control alcohol, with only brief periods success using white-knuckled willpower. My head told me that carrying on the way I was, wasn't going to end well but, in my gut, stopping always felt like a fate worse than death - a life sentence of joyless deprivation and struggle. I was a successful IT exec with a great family and seemingly everything going for me, but alcohol was slowly eroding my health, happiness and mental well being. It made no sense to me. I had everything else under control. I'd quit smoking back in 2013, I ate cleanly, worked out relentlessly but just couldn't get a grip on my drinking. The more I tried, the harder it seemed to control. That said, I also didn't see myself as a helpless addict or an alcoholic who needed an intervention - So I struggled on, with waning willpower.


I knew there had to be another way....and eventually I found it! Anne Grace's 'This Naked Mind' methodology, is a science based, approach to change that showed me, that if my gut and my head want the same thing, there's no struggle, cognitive dissonance or need for willpower. Willpower is only required when your conscious logical human brain wants you to do something your subconscious gut/heart/primal (reward driven) brain doesn't. When my subconscious stopped seeing alcohol as a reward, the urges, cravings and temptations disappeared and control without willpower became easy.

In the 5+ years since finding this Clean Life freedom, my life is immeasurably more fulfilling, happy and fun - nothing like the deprived imprisonment of abstinence I always envisaged. Ironically, I now see that drinking had actually imprisoned me but I now know how to escape....That's why I now coach others who feel stuck, powerless and imprisoned. The struggle, I now know, is unnecessary. When we stop seeing alcohol as a reward, it loses its power over us. If you keep looking, you will find your freedom too. Clean Life Coaching can 10x the speed of your change!  

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